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Liga Privada Undercrown By Drew Estate 5-17-15

Drew Estate took the world by storm with their highly acclaimed traditional Liga Privada Cigars. Unfortunately the supply has struggled to keep up with the enormous demand for this product. In an attempt to cut each Drew Estate Factory roller's allotment of smoking this limited blend. In efforts to alleviate the strain on the supply of the unique rapper used, Drew Estate began rolling cigars made with the identical binder of Liga Privada and used identical filler tobaccos using slightly different primings (levels on the plant). All this encased in a dark San Andres Morron wrapper, and Undercrown was born!

Originally developed for their factory rollers to smoke, the blend was so popular amongst the employees that the decision to release it nationally was easy.

The wrapper from San Andres Mexico shows a soft touch of spice to the blend which develops nicely. Undercrown is a medium-bodied cigar that packs a punch of flavor that will surely please any Liga Privada fan.

Date: 5-17-15
Time: 4:00 to 8:00
Where: Mission Pipe Shop, Pleasanton

We will try to have some Liga #9 & Liga T52's here but we can only get it if they have it in stock!

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MAY - Liga UnderCrown By Drew Estate

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APRIL - Joya de Nicaragua Cigars with Dr. Alejandro Cuenca
MAY - Rocky Patel
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NOVEMBER- Ashton & San Cristobal Elegancia 11-10
DECEMBER - Diamond Crown Red Carpet Event 12-8-11

JANUARY - Jan 28th 2014 LA TRAVIATA by C.A.O
FEBRUARY - Feb 13th 2014 Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta
MARCH - March 25th 2014 4 to 8 pm Fuente!
APRIL - April 23 2014 Avo Golf Dinner @ Callippe Golf Course
MAY - May 18th Rocky Patel will be at our store!
JUNE - June 24th Tatuaje Cigars w/Pete Johnson in our shop!
JULY - July 30th Friday Rocky Patel 15th ANV. Cigars Launch Party
SEPTEMBER - Sept 30th - Cubao, 601, Murcielago & Eddie Ortega
OCTOBER - October 14th -- Pinar del Rio with Abe Flores
OCTOBER - October 26th -- Litto Gomez will be at our shop!
DECEMBER - December 9th -- The Last Event for the Year, Diamond Crown!

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